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/snow/ - flakes & mistakes

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Originally from China, her pro player accolades include a Top 4 placement in the 2P. Eloise's arrival in America has not slowed her momentum in the least, with an exceptional performance in the BlizzCon qualifier tournament heralding her rise in the Western competitive Hearthstone scene. Hailing from Melbourne, Loserfruit has quickly and quietly charmed her way into the ranks of rising stars in the Twitch community, as well as the hearts of viewers worldwide. Aside from her gameplay, Loserfruit is also known for her subtle wit, genuine demeanor, and brilliant blue eyes.

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Colombia-born and Canada-based, the brunette bombshell Alinity is known for her beauty and for bringing her no-B. Though she has only been streaming since December , her devotion to gaming has been going strong since she was 4 years old. When she's not smashing fools online, she can be seen flaunting her flawless figure at beaches across the world, courtesy of her Instagram page. As a player and creator, Italian sensation Kurolily is a true double threat, bringing forth the video game love both on and off stream.

But as you can see from the image above, her love of video games extends beyond the keyboard. While she mainly sticks to Twitch and YouTube as of late, here's hoping that she creates more amazing cosplays in the near future! Chief among these titles are 1st place in Arbalet Ukraine Women, 2nd place in Intel Challenge Katowice , and multiple 1st place finishes at various Women's Electronic Sports World Cup competitions between and With an ever-changing wardrobe of on-stream cosplays, AimzAtchu is a one-woman show with character.

Lots of characters, in fact! Something that may surprise you, however, is that AimzAtchu is a supporter of animal charities and donates some of her stream revenue to rehab and rescue centers. According to her Twitch profile, she has "adopted" two animals since she started streaming: With talents ranging from gaming to cosplay to music, the Korean cutie Esther Lynn really puts the "variety" in "variety streamer.

Rounding out her array of artistic outlets is her affinity for a different type of keyboard, the piano.

Esther's recent streams have been more on the creative side, with viewers being treated to intimate "mini concerts" of her playing piano live on stream. Hailing from Quezon City in the Philippines, Alodia has quickly grown into a global sensation.

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  • Topping her list of achievements is her work as a gaming industry influencer: Deriving her gamer tag from her childhood nickname "Deer Eyes," DeerNadia is a beloved member of the Hearthstone community on Twitch. Following the dissolution of the highly successful Team Archon in , DeerNadia found a new path as a solo act, and is known for interactive and engaging gaming streams. With a strong online following and plenty of momentum beneath her wings, she was among the first to find early success in the fledgling days of Twitch, and became a partner with the streaming service in February , less than a year after the site's launch.

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    • Modern Warfare , among other titles. Her love of arts and crafts has even inspired her to start a second YouTube channel, "LittleLiaWolf," which focuses on crafting, baking, decor, and fashion crate unboxing. With her upbeat demeanor and stream content that is as eclectic as her hair color and wardrobe, LegendaryLea is a must-have inclusion on every top female streamer list.

      Sivhd and kaypea dating

      She also brings a refreshing sense of honesty and transparency in her interactions with viewers, and her "IRL" streams consist of cooking, chatting, and even dancing on occasion. While many streamers bring the charisma and personality in their broadcasts, Lea takes it one step further by just being authentic and unabashedly being herself. Let's just put this out there right now: Hafu's streams consist almost exclusively of Arena runs in Hearthstone , including her self-imposed " in 10" Arena challenges, where she attempts to win games in only 10 Arena runs.

      With over half a million subscribers on YouTube and a multi-format stream supported by a whacky team of game fanatics and stream personalities, Brooke "Dodger" Lawson is taking the online entertainment world by storm. Under the moniker "DexBonus," this feisty lass brings a confidence and spunk to both her YouTube and Twitch channels, and offers a wide variety of "programs" for our viewing pleasure.

      Here's the video , and don't worry, it's tasteful without being raunchy. Sovitia has historically placed in Diamond division for Ranked queue, favoring the position of mid lane and occasionally bot lane. On stream, she is engaging and responsive, and takes the time to answer viewer chat live while she is gaming.